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A beautiful alternative to an engraved image, porcelain portraits can be added to any memorial to help honor your loved one. Whether it is a recent snapshot or a vintage wedding portrait, a beloved pet or favorite vacation spot,  bring your favorite, high quality photograph with you to your appointment.

We will scan the image while you choose your memorial design so that your photograph can return home with you safely. We can also utilize high resolution digital photo files.

Please read through the following simple image guidelines to better prepare yourself

for your appointment with our sales representative.



Creating a beautiful porcelain portrait for your loved one's memorial is a team effort. Rest assured, our experienced editing and design team will take great care of the detail work. Your only job is to provide us with a high quality photograph to ensure the best possible outcome. While choosing an image remember that even if a portrait is not your absolute favorite of the individual, a flattering and clear image that honors his or her memory well is the best choice.


1. A clear image with no extensive damage (scratches, water damage, etc...)
2. Portrait face size of at least 1 tall. Normally, this will allow for the creation of a 1.5" x 2.3" - 3.5" x 4.75" porcelain image. A larger image may be required to produce larger porcelain photos.
3. Though backgrounds can be edited and extra people can be removed from the photo of your loved one, additional charges may be applied. Try your best to find an image with little to no distractions or obstructions that require removal.
4. If you download an image from social media that was not taken by yourself or the person of whom the picture was taken, please provide a written consent from the photographer for the release of the image.
5. Please label your photo with the individual's first and last name as well as the last name of  the contract holder.


1. Image must be clear at a resolution of 100 dpi or higher. Higher resolution may be required for larger porcelain prints. 
2. File type must be JPEG, PDF or PSD.
3. Submit your digital file to us via email, thumb drive or disc. If sending your image by email, detail the subject line with "Porcelain Portrait, (Individual's Name) (Contract Holder's Name)"